Preparing your RV for Winter

Happy Trails RV has the Tips you Need to Know to Winterize your Motorhome, Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer

According to the weather prognosticating professionals at The Farmer’s Almanac, the 2014-2015 winter seasons is slated to be colder than normal with the coldest period descending in late-December to mid-to-late February. Additionally, while precipitation is anticipated to be lower than normal this year, the snow levels are expected to be much higher with the snowiest period falling between late-December to late-February. As such, if you are looking at traveling in the winter with your travel trailer, fifth wheel trailer, or motorhome, then winterizing your recreational vehicle is the key to a successful and safe travel itinerary before hitting the open road.

Tips for Safe RVing in the Winter

Here at Happy Trails RV, one of the premier RV dealers in Alberta, we provide unparalleled advice and service to recreational vehicle enthusiasts, and lovers of the open road. While we neither recommend nor endorse that people live in their RVs during the winter months, we understand that circumstances sometimes dictates that that be the case, so you should certainly take all necessary steps to ensure a safe trip.

Preparing Your RV for Winter Living

Whether you are tooling down the road or holing up in your favorite campsite, specific steps to winterizing your recreational vehicle can ensure a safe journey regardless of where the road might take you. RVing in the winter poses particular challenges, so be sure to meet those challenges with adequate preplanning.

When it comes to surviving in cold weather, the key is to stay warm and keep and warm. Towards that end, you will want to consider outfitting your recreational vehicle with a skirting that serves to block cold draughts and winds from the undercarriage of your vehicle when winter RVing.

Likewise, double paned windows and heavy curtains will help keep the cold at bay. Finally, with your RV closed up tight, you will want to get a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air, and open up a vent to keep air circulating throughout your travel trailer, fifth wheel trailer, or motorhome.

In the same way that you will be throwing on an extra sweater as the mercury drops, so too should you consider insulating your more vulnerable systems against the elements, specifically speaking, your exposed plumbing elements. Be sure to use heat tape or insulation on all your exposed plumbing to ward against them bursting when the thermometer plummets.

You don’t want the glory of Spring’s thaw to be marred by your RV sinking to its axles in primordial ooze. As such, continuously monitor tire pressure, and consider driving across the plywood or placing your rig up on blocks to be able to extricate yourself easily when it is time to hit the open road.

Call Happy Trails RV for Expert Advice on Winterizing Your RV

Winter travel means pushing you and your RV equipment to the limit. As mentioned, while we neither recommend nor condone living in your recreational vehicle during the winter, we understand that sometimes you might have no other choice. That being said however, we highly recommend that you talk to our expert team here at Happy Trails RV for all the best information regarding safe RVing in the winter. Our service department is staffed with trained professionals, with an array of diagnostic equipment, to ensure that you are winterizing your RV safely and effectively.

For more information, be sure to check out our blog or contact our helpful staff at Happy Trails RV.