The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum Opening Soon

Perfect Place for Calgary Motorhomes to Stop In and Visit


Whether you are from the area or passing through in an RV, you are always looking for new places to stop in and check out. This fall, a new attraction will open up near Grand Prairie, Alberta, and become the perfect spot for the entire family to spend a day exploring, discovering and having fun together. The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum will open in the fall of 2015 to offer a world of experiences perfect for travellers and tourists of all ages.

Just Some of the Things You Will See Include…

  • The Kid Zone – These innovative exhibits offer hands-on opportunities for little ones. The children can explore dinosaurs, pretend they are paleontologists, and learn more about fossils than they ever thought they could absorb.
  • Geological Curiosities – The entire museum sits on landscaped grounds full of unique finds across a 10-acre complex. Enjoy a picnic in the plush grass and take in the sights around you.
  • Restaurant – After a day at the museum, stop in at the restaurant for an easy meal before heading back out on the road in your RV.
  • Oil and Gas Exhibits – The oil and gas used in your motorhome and other vehicles goes back millions of years. Learn about how it is processed, where it comes from and the history behind it all.
  • Dinosaur Exhibits – Naturally, there are plenty of exhibits and opportunities to learn about dinosaurs. From the recreated skeletons to a lab that lets you walk back in time, you can see amazing displays from within the museum.
  • Watch a Movie – In the 70-seat family theater, you can catch dinosaur movies, documentary films and short films all about dinosaurs, oil and gas, fossils, and lots more.

If you are passing through Grande Prairie, do not forget to add the Dinosaur Museum to your list of attractions that you must check out. There are plenty of places nearby that cater to   Calgary motorhome drivers, so you can park, camp and stay a while.

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