How to Get More RV for the Same Amount of Money Across the Border

patriotic reflectionIf you’re living in the United States and you’re interested in buying a recreational vehicle, we have some excellent news for you. Now is a very good time for U.S. residents to buy an RV in Canada.

That’s because these days, the Canadian dollar is weaker than the U.S. dollar. If you come to look at motorhomes in Edmonton or Calgary or at our RV sales lot in Grande Prairie, you’ll get way more bang for your buck.

The advantages of buying across the border
Think about it for a second: if you have, say, US $1 in your wallet, when you come to Canada you’ll be walking around with something like $1.25 or $1.30, depending on the actual exchange rate. Now amplify that to the scale of a motorhome or trailer purchase.

If you use your American dollars to buy a motorhome in Alberta, we’re talking thousands—or even tens of thousands—of dollars in savings.

• You may be able to upgrade from a Class B RV to a Class A or C for greater luxury and ease of camping.
• You could get a motorhome instead of a toy hauler.
• You could get solar-power or other add-ons
• You could leave the entry-level category and opt for greater size and luxury.
• You could spring for a diesel-powered RV instead of a gasoline engine.

What’s going on with the Canadian dollar?o canada
You may be wondering how long the advantages of cross-border RV shopping will last. From what we understand of the situation, China’s move to devalue the yuan and fluctuating oil prices in Canada mean the trend should continue indefinitely.

What about paperwork and customs?
Driving home your new Canadian-purchased RV is not as complicated as you might think. All it takes is a bit of organization.

• You’ll obtain a temporary Alberta licence plate and insurance card (transit permit) for the drive home.
• You’ll show your bill of sale and VIN number at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection station where you enter the country. You’ll also need the title certificate and manufacturer’s statement or certificate of origin.
• At U.S. Customs you’ll fill out a CBP 7501 form, which you can find ahead of time on the U.S. CBP website.

A free plane ticket
To sweeten the deal, Happy Trails RV is willing to offer a plane ticket for customers ready to close a purchase agreement. Call us today to talk to a sales representative—you can come pick up your new motor home and drive it home!

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